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Primal Carnage "Get To The Chopper" DLC Is Free, Now Available

Primal Carnage "Get To The Chopper" DLC Is Free, Now Available

by Darrin WrightJanuary 22, 2013

Lukewarm Media and Reverb Publishing’s Team Fortress-meets-Jurassic Park mashup, Primal Carnage, has some new, free DLC for you to explore. Primal Carnage, the humans vs. dinosaurs online multiplayer first-person shooter which you may remember we liked quite a bit, now finally has a game mode other than Team Deathmatch: “Get to the Chopper” mode is now available via Steam. While Team Deathmatch is primarily a “survive as long as you can” mode that has players split into dinosaur and human teams, “Get to the Chopper” actually forces you to use teamwork to survive: the human team has to get to an extraction helicopter through visiting two prior set checkpoints, thus promoting teamwork and staying together, while whoever is playing as a dinosaur has one simple goal: stop the humans. The best part is it’s free.

The new mode isn’t the only addition: you’ll get a new dinosaur to play with. The Spinosaur has a one-hit kill attack and looks to be a swift new enemy that comes with the expansion. You will also be able to buy new skins for the Spinosaur in the Steam store in the future.

Primal Carnage itself is $15 on Steam, and is a worthwhile purchase for some silly fun with friends.

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