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Bungie Reveals First Details of Destiny

Bungie Reveals First Details of Destiny

by Darrin WrightFebruary 17, 2013

Destiny, the new game from the creators of Halo, was finally officially unveiled to the public today, and you may get to play it this year.

IGN made the exclusive reveal today, complete with a new trailer, of Destiny, the next big thing coming from the creators of Halo. Bungie has been working on Destiny since 2009, starting soon after they left the Halo franchise behind (and in Microsoft‘s hands) in 2007 but having actually been tinkering with the idea since Halo 2 came out. It’s being developed by a team of veteran developers who know what they’re doing, so hopes are high.

The game will be focused exclusively on multiplayer, as it’s similar to an MMO with First-Person Shooter controls… you’ll play as a human trying to repel an alien invasion, protecting the last surviving city on Earth while using special powers and customizable character classes to team up with – or compete against – other players. The game WILL require a constant internet connection, though Bungie and Activision apparently do not plan on charging a subscription model for the game. Still, you’ll most likely need an Xbox Live Gold account to play on Microsoft‘s consoles.

Story-wise, Destiny takes place in the far future. Humanity has been decimated, and all that remains on Earth is thanks to a big sphere called “The Traveler“, which provides humans living beneath it with super powers, as they try to take back the worlds they lost in a cataclysm that happened long ago. Specifically, your task is to protect the city beneath The Traveler, in a project that Bungie says will be their chief focus for the next ten years, and their hopes are that Destiny will be “bigger than Halo.”

IGN reports that Bungie could be making Destiny available as early as this year, both to the current generation of consoles – the Xbox 360 and PS3 specifically – as well as “future generation technology,” though whether that includes the Wii U, or just the next Xbox and PlayStation, is currently unknown. The game will NOT be coming to PC.

We’ll have more details as they come, but for now you can read all of IGN’s details here.

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