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Capcom Reveals New Game Engine During Sony Event

Capcom Reveals New Game Engine During Sony Event

by Baron W.February 21, 2013

At the recent PlayStation meeting held on February 20th. Sony asked developers and publishers that still believe strongly in the brand to show their support of for the next home console. Yes, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) is here!

Capcom not only showed their support for Sony by attending the event. They came ready to show something brand new that the public has never seen before until today. This new tech demo developed internally at Capcom goes by the name of Panta Rhei: an evolution of Capcom’s MT Framework engine. The engine is still being ironed out at Capcom, but from the footage below I would guess it’s around 60% complete.

The Panta Rhei engine in my mind could be the successor of Capcom’s MT Framework engine, that’s been used in major games such as Resident Evil 6, Dragons Dogma, and Lost Planet 2. While only a small snippet of footage has been shown to the public. There’s no doubt that the titled mentioned in the video labeled “Deep-Down”, could be a successor to Dragons Dogma or perhaps a console version of Monster Hunter.

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