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Darkstalkers: Resurrection Coming Soon To PSN & XBLA

Darkstalkers: Resurrection Coming Soon To PSN & XBLA

by Chris CalasahanFebruary 17, 2013

Capcom will be bringing Darkstalkers: Resurrection to North American consoles on March 12th (PSN) and March 13th (XBLA).  This title is a highly anticipated re-release of two popular titles.  Capcom is including Darkstalkers 3 and Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge.  Priced at $14.99 (PSN) and 1200 MP (XBLA), Darkstalkers: Resurrection will certainly be an affordable way to tackle two classic 2D fighters that were once very popular among fighting game enthusiasts.

Now that Darkstalkers: Resurrection is about to be released it is now highly anticipated that Capcom will be closely monitoring the success of this title.  If this title does ineed do well, it will be very likely that Capcom would put efforts in releasing an all new 4th entry in the Darkstalker series.  Capcom producer, Yoshiori Ono has gone on record to state his support for a  4th Darkstalkers game.

This title is going to feature online play with up to 8 player lobbies, an all new tutorial mode for new players, YouTube replay uploading,  and revamped HD graphics, all while maintaining the balance of the original titles.  Fighting game fans should be sure to check this downloadable title out.  Developed by Iron Galaxythe developer behind both Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online and Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins this re-release should be very similar to these very well made games.  Whether you’re familiar with the Darkstalker series or never experienced it before any fighting game fan should be able to find value in this one. 

Below are some screenshots of Darkstalkers: Resurrection



Source: Joystiq


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