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Prototype PS4 Controller Revealed Online

Prototype PS4 Controller Revealed Online

by Darrin WrightFebruary 14, 2013

The PS4 is one step closer to a reality after a photo of a prototype controller for the new console has shown up online. 

First discovered by Destructoid, the controller features a touch pad/screen in the middle and revamped dual analog sticks. The touchpad seems to line up with what inside sources that told Kotaku about the PS4: a multi-touch setup similar to what the PlayStation Vita has on the back of the device. What’s unknown is what the blue lighted part of the top of the controller is; whether it’s a built-in PS Move ability, or something else, we don’t yet know. The PS button remains, as do everything else we’ve grown to be familiar with in the DualShock design, but those analog sticks just look odd. It’s also currently unknown whether this will be the controller’s final design; rumor has it that Sony has tested out several prototypes.

Rumors of the PlayStation 4 have been at a fevered pitch since Sony announced they’d be revealing “the future of PlayStation” on February 20th, leading many to speculate that the PS4 would be coming this year, aimed at a release around Thanksgiving.

We’ll hopefully find out for sure next week. Check back here for all the details once they’ve been released.

Sources: Destructoid, Kotaku

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  • Daniel Lawson

    that touch pad is so damn small… not really sure how much use it’d be for people who have real thumbs and not skinny ass fingers