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Sherlock Holmes' Adventure Continues with Crimes & Punishments

Sherlock Holmes' Adventure Continues with Crimes & Punishments

by Luis MendezFebruary 1, 2013

Frogwares Studio, developer of 2012’s praised Sherlock Holmes game, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, has announced that they’re working on a new Sherlock title­­­­ called Crimes & Punishments.  Frogwares challenged the nature of the traditional Sherlock experience from a point and click adventure, and turned it into a third-person gaming experience.

To continue to build upon what Frowares did with Sherlock their last time around, both graphically and game play wise, they’re going to stray away from their proprietary in house engine and develop Crimes & Punishment using the Unreal Engine 3. Using Unreal will allow the game to jump up in graphical quality.

Frogwares promises that the environments in Crimes & Punishments will be much more detailed and realistic than ever possible before. Unreal Engine 3 will also allow greater detail with dynamic lighting and shadows. As well as improving the graphical quality of the game, Crimes & Punishments will have improved and smoother animations, a new particle system, and real-time shaders.

In Crimes and Punishments, players won’t be limited to sticking to the right hand of the law to make decisions during an investigation. They will be given a wide range of moral decisions that will affect Sherlock’s reputation. The decisions the player makes will yield an array of consequences that are not only realistic, but can also be unexpected. The consequences in the game will force players to weight all of the pros and cons before making any moral decisions.

Crimes & Punishments has no set release date at the moment, but it will be releasing for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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