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Halo 4 | The Future of Forge

Halo 4 | The Future of Forge

by Enis TezcanMarch 27, 2013

This year at PAX East, 343 Industries was proud to announce that Halo 4 was getting an all new Forge map.

Dubbed as Forge Island, this map will feature three different islands, all varying in sizes with a flat surface and round cliff edges. Forge Island is just massive. Forge has been a great way for players with that creativity to showcase their own maps to the community. With Forge Island, we’ll get some new pieces in addition which developers have already used to build a copy of one of my all time favorite multiplayer maps, Hang ‘Em High. At PAX East, 343 specifically asked the panel if a fan would be kind enough to remake Blood Gulch on the biggest island, which seems possible. Forge Island and it’s related tools will all be released for free on April 11th, just a few days after the Castle Map Pack drops on April 8th. I cannot wait to get my hands on this new addition and take a look at what the scale really is on Forge Island.

If you look very, very closely you can see a tiny Spartan on the large island.

The video above is their Panel this year at PAX East. Hear 343 Industries’ Kevin Franklin, Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky and Jessica Shea, as well as Certain Affinity’s Tom Potter and Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns discuss where they’ve come from, where they are now, and what is on the horizon for Halo 4 Multiplayer.


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