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DARK Screen Shots Get us kind of Interested? Maybe?

DARK Screen Shots Get us kind of Interested? Maybe?

by William HarmonApril 27, 2013

Kalypso Media has released screen shots for it’s upcoming stealth-action title: DARK, available for the Xbox 360. Scheduled for release this summer, on PC and console, DARK will immerse players in a near-future world of vampires who secretly slip through all levels of society. Tad bit of a generic premise if you ask me, but let’s see what they’ve got?

In DARK, you will take on the role of Eric Bane, a newly turned vampire on a quest to uncover the elder vampires and their sinister plans for humanity (Not sure why you’d care… being a vampire, you think you’d be down for a sort of “kill all humans” plan). Players will be able to use a variety of melee combat moves, coupled with stealth and action-oriented vampire special powers that will present the classic player choice of: Kill everyone quietly, or kill everyone noisily.

With that out of the way… let’s take a look at these screen shots:






I guess, for those of you out there that just REALLY love vampires, this could be a game to look out for? Personally, it seems to be wandering around the realm of mediocrity. The plot, the mechanics, even the visuals all seem a bit… pedestrian. We’ll see if future updates can’t get us a little more excited.

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