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Fanatical Five: Top 5 Chubbiest Video Game Characters

Fanatical Five: Top 5 Chubbiest Video Game Characters

by 8 Bit BritMay 7, 2013

Not all video game characters make the super sexy or cool list. Some are rounder, flabbier, and lack hygiene… and that is ok! So, I decided that some of those characters needed some lovin’, chubby and all and the top 5 chubbiest video game character list was created!

You might not agree with me or you may have some other guys to add to this list. Let me know who they are in the comments below! In order of not so chubby to the chubbiest the list goes like this:




1. Kirby

Dream Land has been good to Kirby. With it’s bountiful selection of things to devour Kirby eats pretty much anything and everything. Kirby knows the saying “You are what you eat!” oh-so-well. Kirby also works out by traveling throughout Dream Land and flying in the air in his downtime.


2. Wario

The Mushroom Kingdom is a place for wonder… and mischief. Wario’s endless annoying attempts to mess up Mario’s day has not left him on the slimmer side. You would think with all that racing and games he plays with his enemies Mario and Luigi he would lose a little weight. I guess plotting plans to irritate your fellow residents in The Mushroom Kingdom really go to the hips.


3. Snorlax

This Pokemon is known to sleep… a lot. He’s sooooo big he gets mistaken for boulders all the time. Talk about a roadblock, you can’t get anywhere in the Kanto region without running into a Snorlax at some point in your journey. Don’t forget a flute or musical instrument of some kind in case you run into one. If you don’t wake him up with a kind melody a Snorlax will sleep for daysssssssss.




4. E. Honda

He might be one of the coolest characters to play as or most annoying to use depending on your play style in Street Fighter II. E. Honda is one chubby sumo wrestler from Japan. E. Honda wears very skimpy attire which should of made the super sexy list in my opinion. E. Honda works out by battling opponents when they travel to Japan and by flailing his arms back and forth.




5. Princess Mara (Princess Theradras)

Princess Mara is the Maraudon a fictional place (real to some) in the World of Warcraft. She is large and in charge. Her essence of love, guts, and glory doesn’t even stop the tiniest of creatures from loving here. Gnomes dig her. She is a boss in the Maraudon dungeon and can be found taking walks near the bottom of the dungeon for a nice work out until she is engaged in battle.

Enjoy this video about the Princess!

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