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The Fanatical Five | DC Comics Characters that Need a Movie

The Fanatical Five | DC Comics Characters that Need a Movie

by Darrin WrightMay 3, 2013

So yet another Marvel Comics movie is out now. Maybe you’ve heard of it… and DC Comics is finally making another Superman movie, with Man of Steel coming in June. That got us thinking… besides Superman and Batman (let’s not talk about Green Lantern for now), DC Comics really hasn’t done much in the realm of movies.

That needs to change. Here are the five DC Comics characters we think should have their own movies:



We all know what happened at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. If you don’t, too bad, spoilers: Bruce Wayne retired, leaving John “Robin” Blake to potentially take up his mantle. And while it’s still unknown if any future Batman or Justice League movies will address Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, that movie still got us all wanting a Nightwing movie (Nightwing is the alter ego of Dick Grayson, the first Robin). Nightwing shows the potential for a character’s growth: from sidekick to a hero making his own name. It’d be AWESOME.

Wonder Woman

    wonder woman

Hey, it almost happened, and Joss Whedon would’ve directed it. Then Warner Bros. said “no,” he went to work for Marvel, and… The Avengers happened. Anyway, DC Comics‘ “trinity” has always been Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, yet they haven’t managed to get her a movie yet… at least, not a live-action one. The 2009 animated film was phenomenal, and would be a great template to use. Get the right actress who mixes beauty with brawn (see pro wrestler Beth Phoenix, for example) and you’ve got a winner.



OK, OK, just follow us on this one… the guy is in command of the entire ocean, thus making him the ruler of the largest kingdom in the world. He’s got super strength, can swim at super speeds (you try swimming fast and see how easy it is), and can command ocean life to murder you. How did this guy get the silly reputation he has now? Oh yeah… that. But seriously, it’s possible in the right hands.

The Teen Titans


Think of it as “The Avengers, but for sidekicks.” Would make a great lead-in to the Justice League, and could have a more comedic take on things while exposing audiences to lesser-known characters like Cyborg and Starfire. Superhero team movies can work… and as long as it’s a fun ride, so could this.



… I have no reason other than just wanting to see her it. Don’t judge me.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know below.

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