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Just a Friendly Reminder: Everybody Wins the Console War

Just a Friendly Reminder: Everybody Wins the Console War

by Jake ValentineSeptember 4, 2013

The internet is handing Sony the crown for the console war. But they’re not the winners: we are.

That’s right; everybody is going to be a winner this holiday season. PlayStation 4 owners will enjoy an absolutely amazing DualShock 4 controller, a vast variety of indie titles, and top notch Sony games. Xbox One owners will fall in love with an impressive display of AAA launch games, a fantastic controller (the vibrating triggers are vastly underrated), and a possible revolution with Kinect 2.0. Though, the keyword there is definitely possible; the masses are still not quite convinced yet.

This launch season won’t be the end of the war. Far from it, in fact. Sony hasn’t been afraid to take shots at Microsoft. Microsoft has not been afraid to reverse their policies. You better believe they won’t be afraid to take shots as well. I’m not talking about the typical PR speak “our console is better than their console.” That’s to be expected. Microsoft, if they’re smart anyway, will take plenty of legitimate swipes at Sony. I’m not just talking about words, either. Titanfall, the game that is winning PAX Prime over, won’t be available on a Sony console (yet, anyway). You can better believe we’ll be reminded of this fact in the Spring.

We also can’t forget about Nintendo. The Wii U‘s software line-up is already improving. 2014 should be a blow-out year for the system because 1.) there’s still that Zelda title being worked on, plus other tasty surprises and 2.) it absolutely needs to be. They’ll step up their game as well to hopefully present an enticing third console option. Then their’s the master race of PC gamers who will tout their definitive experiences. Battlefield 4 has looked best on PC. The upcoming MMORPG line-up is beyond impressive. You better believe that they won’t the indies go without a fight, either.

Everyone want’s to get into your wallet. Play time is over. The suits have spoken their words and now it’s time to put up the goods.

Round one is about to begin. Let us hope it’s a full 12-round bout. Bring on the next generation.

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Jake Valentine
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