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Legend of Dungeon Review | Retro

Welcome to Legend of Dungeon. This is the 8bit game that is completely random and that was made possible by gamers thanks to Kickstarter. While at PAX Prime, The Game Fanatics got a glance at Legend of Dungeon. Check out our preview article here. We are now happy to share with you our thoughts on Legend of Dungeon which will go live on September 13th on Steam.

Legend of Dungeon is a 1 to 4 player local co-op game where you can invite your friends over just like how it used to be during the retro gaming age. With this being said, controllers are supported so everyone can play. I love this idea but in a world of online gaming I would have loved to play this game with friends that do not live nearby. Also each time you play, you have to configure your controller setup. This could be fixed once the game is launched and I hope it will be. It is a slight oversight however. Legend of Dungeon was made to be played with controllers and not the keyboard but you can play with either or.

Like any classic RPG game, you start off in the tavern. From there you make your way down different levels of dungeons. Each time you start a new game the layout of the dungeons are different. The same goes for the weapons and items that you pick up, the music and the monsters that you will face. When they say this game is random, it really is. This keeps this not-so-simple dungeon crawler game fresh. Once I started to play this game solo, I didn’t want to stop. There’s a leaderboard that brings the motivation to get the highest score possible. Not only that, the challenge truly comes from how deep can you get into the dungeon before you die. When playing solo once you get killed, that is it, game over and you start from the first level. When playing with more than one player death doesn’t apply, not really. When a member of your party dies they turn into a ghost. The rest of the party members must kill monsters in order for them to drop orbs that the ghost needs to return to the living. If the entire party turns into ghosts, the quest is over.

Legend of Dungeom You’ll walk into rooms with traps, pressure plates and various other traps that will try to stop you from reaching the last level. Make sure before you leave the tavern that you take some very important items with you like apples for health and a lantern. Some levels are completely dark and you don’t want to be walking blind right into a lava pit or into the axe of a monster, do you?

If you like retro RPG gaming, this game is for you. For those who enjoy arcade beat’em-ups like TMNT, you will enjoy this game as well. For ten dollars, Legend of Dungeon is a good buy. It is a game that you need to take some time aside since you cannot save your progress as you try to reach the bottom levels. Legend of Dungeon is innovated by having everything randomize to keep you guessing.

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