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Dell Lists PlayStation 4 for Pre-Order

Dell Lists PlayStation 4 for Pre-Order

by Jeff SmithOctober 28, 2013

Sony’s hotly anticipated next-gen PlayStation 4 has been hard to find, even though it doesn’t hit shelves until November 15. The newest way to get the system is a bundle from a somewhat unexpected source. It’s not the first time Dell has sold a video game system, but we were a little surprised to see this bundle put up so late after other online retailers, like Amazon, have sold out of pre-orders, not to mention the shock of seeing the system available through Dell in the first place. The offered bundle is the PlayStation 4 system, a second controller, and a copy of Guerrilla Games’ Killzone: Shadow Fall, all for $519.97.

You won’t be saving yourself any money, but the bundle is a nice way to get started if you have the cash to burn. For gamers interested in a head start on the next generation of video gaming, you can place your pre-orders over at, here.

We’ll stay on top of things as the next generation draws nearer and nearer. For all the news regarding video game’s next foray into the future, including the PlayStation 4, stay connected to The Game Fanatics.

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