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Xbox One Could Support Mouse and Keyboard

Xbox One Could Support Mouse and Keyboard

by Chris CalasahanOctober 11, 2013

Everyone has a friend when playing a first-person shooter that whines about being able to own you if they could play with a mouse and keyboard.  Well it seems the folks at Microsoft have heard those cries long enough as  it has been mentioned that Xbox One may allow gamers to use a mouse and keyboard in games.  During a recent interview with Newegg Arcade, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrd was asked about whether or not using a keyboard and mouse will be possible for the Xbox One. 

“We’ll certainly have this great SDK for developers to do what they like. If that’s something they’re interested in doing, we’ll certainly help them do that. Certainly it’s possible, but we don’t have anything to announce at this time. ”  -Larry “Major Nelson”  Hyrb

So while there is no official announcement to use a mouse and keyboard for the Xbox One  this simply means that Microsoft doesn’t want to announce everything regarding their upcoming system.  This could be something in the future that gamers who prefer a keyboard and mouse can look forward to. Maybe sometime soon we all don’t have to put up with that gamer saying they’re better with a mouse and keyboard and they can finally put up or shut up.  Surely there  are a lot of gamers that will be very eager with this news.  We will be sure to keep you posted on all Xbox One news as it is set to drop worldwide on November 22nd.

Source:  Ubergizmo

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    That’s because they would own said friend with a keyboard and mouse :)