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PAX East 2014 | This Year's PAX East Sees a Drop in Exhibitors

PAX East 2014 | This Year's PAX East Sees a Drop in Exhibitors

by Jake ValentineMarch 25, 2014

The exhibit floor of PAX East 2013 was incredibly impressive. Sadly, it appears that we won’t be able to say the same from 2014. Some key names aren’t attending.

Now, I want to preface this by saying that it, again, appears to be a less impressive lineup compared to last year. As we all know, surprises are to be expected from the show, so we could see some things that will completely blow us away. All that being said, the follow exhibitors will not be at PAX East 2014:

  • Nintendo
  • Sony
  • EA Games
  • Capcom
  • Sega
  • Warner Bros. Interactive
  • Deep Silver
  • Popcap
  • Mad Catz
  • Frima Studios
  • Twisted Pixel
  • Perfect World
  • CCP Games
  • Creative Labs
  • ASUS
  • Moga

So what exactly gives? Is everyone saving up for E3? Do these companies just have nothing new to show? I’m willing to bet on the latter. Last year was a bit of an anomaly where companies had big plans for next-gen consoles yet still had major releases on current gen; there was plenty to talk about and plenty to keep under wraps. This year is a little bit different. While some are suggesting that PAX has lost some of its luster, I wouldn’t rule that into play just yet. If PAX Prime sees a drop in exhibitors, then we can start talking.

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