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NBA 2K14 Still Plagued With Bugs and Difficulties

NBA 2K14 Still Plagued With Bugs and Difficulties

by Chris CalasahanApril 24, 2014

After numerous reports regarding NBA 2K14‘s online issues and problems with crashing, Xbox One and PlayStation 3 players are still plagued with difficulties in spite of attempted patches from 2K Games.  

Researching the problem on the 2K Games Forum‘s and the 2K Games official technical support Twitter account shows an abundance of people complaining about the various problems with NBA 2K14.  These problems have included a variety of issues from the loss of Virtual Currency (which is earned or purchased), instable servers causing dropped games, corrupted save files, problems running online leagues & the MyGM modes.  This is also a negative of making systems and games mandatory to be online to play.  If the servers don’t work, you’re stuck with a sixty dollar disk.

This is certainly an incredibly frustrating situation for everyone involved.  Sports franchises thrive on yearly installments for their games by making dedicated players put up good money for what usually is a few tweaks in gameplay and a roster overhaul in most cases.  But when a game’s basic modes provides problems for games patience is going to run thin very fast.

These problems had caused a wave complaints to the point where it takes support over a week to address gamers who have taken the time to try and fix their problems with NBA 2K14.

Some fans have had such an issue with this that there are over 2,000 supporters for a petition asking for an apology or some sort of refund.  2K Sports has been pretty quiet on the matter but has released a couple of patches.  However, the overall dissatisfaction remains pretty high as more and more players are experiencing issues with this highly reviewed basketball title.

NBA 2K14 Next Gen PS4

Another issue worth mentioning is that MyGM and My Player modes will not work offline, but then these modes can’t be played if the 2K Servers are down. The worst part of all this is that with the limited amount of next-gen titles, is that a lot of people would love to be playing NBA 2K14 right now but these issues are making it harder and harder for players to enjoy their games.

A potentially easy fix to this problem could be to release the game every other year, offering a re-vamped roster update yearly (with discounted purchase to ensure the video game company still makes money yearly).  This would give 2K Sports (and other sports companies) time to properly test servers, beta test and develop titles so there isn’t a mess of problems with a rushed title.  Updating games every other year would also let gamers see significant improvement in titles ensuring more purchases of the latest titles.

It seems pretty clear that rushing next-gen versions of NBA 2K14 for the Xbox One & PlayStation 4 is the main problem.  If 2K Sports would have just taken the time to make sure NBA 2K15 was properly ready for the next-gen systems, I’m sure it would have caused less damage to their reputation than all of the patches addressing NBA 2K14.  It never seemed like it could a reality a few years ago, but if EA Sports can actually put together a good basketball title with properly working online play, then 2K Sports could be in a lot of trouble.

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    Yup,2K servers are the worst..sometimes i cant even log in to play, stuck in “preparing roster for use” window…2K, wake the eff up..@NBA2K