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Houston Video Game Bar, Press Start Bar, Takes to Kickstarter For Funding

Houston Video Game Bar, Press Start Bar, Takes to Kickstarter For Funding

by Bridget AdiukwuMay 8, 2014

Houston is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the US but it’s missing some of the geek and nerd culture that we love so much. Recently, Ryan Thauburn, Cynthia Thauburn, and Hannah Weir have come up with the perfect plan to change that. These three are looking to open Press Start Bar, Houston’s first ever console video game bar! This is revolutionary for a city that has a Comic Con that is only 6 years old!


Ryan and Cynthia are setting out to do something after The Game Fanatic’s own heart, uniting gamers. They are gearing up to make the perfect hang out for the people who want to grab a drink and play some of our favorite console games, nothing against some of the arcade style bars. Even their drink menu will feature a play on gaming characters, which is a neat addition for this Houston video game bar.


Press Start Bar has an open project on KickStarter with just under a month left so get on over there to support a Houston video game bar. As a native Houstonian I’m hoping that Press Start Bar will receive all of their funds because a video game console bar would be awesome!


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Bridget Adiukwu
Bridget Adiukwu
Bridget is the Public Relations Director for The Game Fanatics and Executive Director for United We Game, Inc. She loves all things Marvel and Tekken is her favorite video game.