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Sunset Overdive Gameplay Kicks it into, Erm… Overdrive

Sunset Overdive Gameplay Kicks it into, Erm… Overdrive

by Jake ValentineMay 8, 2014

One of the new IPs Microsoft announced at E3 2013 was Sunset Overdrive. Sadly, all we got last year was an announcement trailer. Today, we now know a boatload of new details.

EDGE magazine scored the scoop for Insomniac’s latest over-the-top shooter and its details have been made available on the internet. Sunset Overdrize takes place in 2027 and revolves around the coincidental timing of an all new energy drink from Fizzco and a mutant outbreak. Gameplay consists of surviving in our new post-apocalyptic world. By surviving, I mean shooting everything in sight as you glide and wall-jump across the city. Add in the game’s bright color palette, and one thing immediately becomes clear: this isn’t your standard mutant filled shooter; this is about over-the-top action.

The gameplay trailer, which was released due to popular demand, even takes a shoot at stereotypical shooters and their reliance on cover mechanics. This has the makings of a “traditional” Insomniac game, one that relies on creativity and fun.

Players are rewarded for fast-paced gameplay, which will (I assume, anyway) help them earn style. Style is important because there are bosses within Sunset Overdrive that ignore those that are lacking a certain amount.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Sunset Overdrive; this was a first glimpse, after all. We’ll bring you more coverage next month at E3 where our team will hopefully get some hands on experience. For now, enjoy the trailer below.

Sources: NeoGAF (via Edge Magazone), YouTube.
Image source: Reddit user Sureiyaa



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