The Game Fanatics is run by a very dedicated crew of avid gamers who are down right awesome! Everyone here at TGF works hard to ensure that we provide you with the video game news and reviews you need and the entertainment we all crave. Feel free to drop them emails, follow them on Twitter, or stalk them on Facebook; if you can find them ;).

Charles is the Founder of The Game Fanatics and nonprofit, United We Game. A Full-Time Creative Director and Graphic Designer, he loves video games with a fanatical passion and uses TGF as his outlet for all things geek culture.
Born in Boston, residing in Cincinnati, and playing far too much Magic: the Gathering.
Bridget is the Public Relations Director for The Game Fanatics and Executive Director for United We Game, Inc. She loves all things Marvel and Tekken is her favorite video game.
Ben graduated from college-land with a degree in game design and now spends his time working for the 'man.' A Genesis kid growing up, it wasn't until he stumbled upon Ocarina of Time that he drove head first into gaming. Hobbies include: continuing to learn Japanese, playing videogames (duh), reading (in Japanese and English), writing (also duh), and rock climbing. He has also recently gotten back into PC gaming after many years of having terrible computers and loves it.
Some of Kate's favorite game series include the Batman Arkham series, Tomb Raider and Uncharted. Although she prefers an immersive single player experience, she won't say no to a game of Call of Duty with her friends. Oh, and she loves Batman.
Alena is a tech and gaming enthusiast. You can catch her on a live stream or run into her at conventions. Follow her on twitter for updates!
Redhead by day and ginger by night, Myles writes a whole bunch of stuff on video games between playing video games and spying on his neighbors. You can beat him at the following games: Dragon Ball Z, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, but you cannot beat him in Smash Bros. Or in life. Or love.
What was once an innocent interest in video games has become Max's ultimate hobby. Ask him about Halo, Batman, Fallout, or Witcher and you'll get an earful for hours on end. When he's got the spare time, he likes to indulge in literature, working out, and going on runs with his dog.
Dota 2 Caster, previously a writer for DotaCinema, and a Game Fanatic now. Also, eSports enthusiast and lover of manga and anime.
More than a little coocoo for Cocoa Puffs, but great at hiding it. When Muaz isn't gaming he can usually be found reading from a mountain of comic books or watching an obscene amount of movies.
Devoun is just a dude from Arizona trying to escape the heat by consuming copious amounts of pop culture in a dimly lit room
Mona is an avid supporter for caffeine and video games. She enjoys being on camera and running around convention centers in her free time.
Alyssa is a lover of all things geek, from videogames to anime. She spends her free time playing games with friends and makes a great healer. A fanatic was created when she picked up a Gameboy with a Pokemon Yellow Cartridge in it.
Richard is a super stuffy academic video game critic shoved inside a 19 year old kid who really likes large explosions, and tries to blend those two things into something that tricks people into thinking he's smart. He likes walking simulators, AAA blockbusters, and, sometimes, things other than video games. Rarely.