The Game Fanatics is run by a very dedicated crew of avid gamers who are down right awesome! Everyone here at TGF works hard to ensure that we provide you with the video game news and reviews you need and the entertainment we all crave. Feel free to drop them emails, follow them on Twitter, or stalk them on Facebook; if you can find them ;).


The Game Fanatics was founded, and is maintained by Charles “Powers” Adiukwu. Currently residing in Houston, Texas, you can catch him on the TV and Radio waves. To get in touch with Charles please use this email address.

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Our Editors are a crack squad team of fanatic writers who assign articles and ensure the timeliness of news coverage. If you need to reach someone on the team, please use this email address.

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The Game Fanatics contributors are the backbone of our website, who cover news and reviews as well as opinion and culture pieces.

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If you think you have what it takes to join the ranks of these fine individuals, you can always look up our requirements and apply here.

Public Relations

The PR team here at The Game Fanatics help us manage our event coverage and relationships with companies, developers, and studios. If you need to reach someone on the team, please use this email address.

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