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April 20, 2012

Fanatical Five: Top 5 Ugliest Video Game Bosses of All-Time

When creating a video game, character design is very important. It’s what separates Solid Snake from the Earth Defense Force chumps. Sometimes, however, a character isn’t intended to make the player freeze in awe; sometimes, it’s to make us cringe. Whether it be out of fear, out of disgust, or out of agony, they usually have one thing in common: they are pretty ugly. These are our picks for the top 5 ugliest bosses of all time.


Mr. Big (NARC)


NARC, the quarter-munching arcade game from 1988, is a very simple game. As a NARC, you show by example that dealing, using, or even thinking about drugs astronomically raises your chances of becoming [...]

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